Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Arctic Cooling C1/C2 - USB Travel Adaptor

The C1/C2 are the latest offering from Arctic Cooling, They are portable USB chargers, which will allow you to charge your MP3/MP4 player, Smartphone/PDA, and other USB chargeable devices.

Its a very neat device, small in size with interchangle plugs, so it can be used anywhere in the world.

The C2 version allows you to charge up to 4x devices at the same time and the C1 is just a single device version.

They are well worth the asking price and will not let you down, the build quality is excellent too, which goes hand in hand with a company like Arctic Cooling.

5*/5*, definately a worthwhile investment, especially for the gadget savvy traveller.

Universal Charger for Frequent Travelers
The ARCTIC C2 is perfect travel companions for frequent flyers. The 4 AC plugs cover about 150 countries around the world. With 4 USB ports, this charger is ideal for various USB-powered devices.

Main features
4 interchangeable plugs for America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
4 USB ports for multiple charging
Ideal for USB-powered devices
100V to 240V full range input
Short Circuit / Over Current / Over Power Protection
Compact, light weight
Universal charger with interchangeable plugs
4 AC plugs are supplied with the ARCTIC C2. They can be used worldwide – North and South America, Europe, UK, Middle East, Africa, China, Japan, Australia and more. With full range 100 to 240V input, these chargers automatically, providing users a truly hassle-free charger.
Charging devices with only ONE charger
ARCTIC C2 offers 4 ports for multiple charging. Instead of using different power adapters, 4 electronic devices can be charged simultaneously by using the ARCTIC C2. It saves not only space, but also charging time.

The ARCTIC C2 is suitable for various USB-powered applications, such as music players (eg MP3 players), handheld game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones and the newly launched ARCTIC NC.

For Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, an additional USB cable is needed when powering them by the ARCTIC C2. Users can put the traditional bulky mobile phone charger away and bring only the ARCTIC C2 when they are travelling.

Safe and reliable
With Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection and Over Power Protection, the ARCTIC C2 provides maximum safety to your valuable devices.

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