Friday, 31 October 2008

Porta-Charge USB Light

The Computer USB Light from Porta-Charge is a neat little idea, combining a Goose-Neck flexible cable which can be attached to any powered USB port, and a bright LED light.

Ideally the computer USB Light is meant for use with a laptop, so you can position the light on the keyboard, but it does have many more uses.

Powered by the USB port, so no batteries needed.

Flexible power cord, allows the light to be positioned with ease, in any direction.
Cord coils up for easy portability.
Super Bright CLASS 1 LED.

This is an essential little item if you use a laptop, especially at night or in a dark area of a room.

Not such as an essential if you have a PC, unless you have USB ports on your Keyboard/Monitor, or a powered USB Hub nearby for you to put the Light into good use, as its not going to be much use under a desk, or table.

Works on Playstation II, and X-Box units with USB ports, which comes in handy for changing Games Discs, Memory Cards, etc., In a dark room.

Porta-Charge make many different items and can be found at;

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