Monday, 5 April 2010

Acousti AcoustiPack Multi-Layer Material Pack

AcoustiPack Ultimate Multi-layered Material Kit is a specially designed soundproofing solution for your PC, wether you have a Micro ATX case or a Full Tower System, there should be enough material in this kit to help reduce the noise which is generated from within such as system fans, CPU fan, power supply unit fans, etc.

The material is dense, yet flexible, it has a self adhesive backing which sticks the material to the inner sides and roof, etc., of the PC case. If you have awkward shaped panels, then there is no need to worry as the material can easily be cut with a scissors or a craft knife. We advise you to measure it all first, as its best to measure twice and cut once.

The adhesive backing is strong, but does allow you to re-adjust the positioning if you dont get it right on the first go for example. The material and adhesive backing follows the International UL94 flammability standards which are very stringent. So you know you dont just have a quality product that does the job, and is easy to use, but is safe aswell.

Acousti are that confident that their product is not only fit for the job but does it well, you also get a 2 year warranty.
The kit comes with instructions but is pretty much self explanatory to install.

You get three sheets in the kit; 2x 2-layer (4mm thick) sheets and 1x 3-layer (7mm thick) sheet made from Acousti's latest generation materials.

This is a great piece of kit, not only for PC Audio Enthusiasts, and Musicians, but Gamers aswell.

The product helps to mass load the case panels, which helps to absorb the noise. It will absorb some of the sound, and some will get reflected. Both helping the overall sound level coming from the actual unit.

Out of the various Soundproofing Material packs we have tested in the past such as the Akasa PaxMate, and various generic versions. The AcoustiPack Ultimate is by far the best, it doesnt totally eliminate all noise generated by the PC but it reduces it by far the best.

It is a great buy and if used with a nice heavy duty steel panelled case, you will reduce noise to a minimum, couple this with low noise fans, power supplies, etc., You wont be far off a "Silent PC" system. It can be used on other systems such as XBox's, Playstation's, etc.

The possibilities are endless for its uses, so long as you pay attention and dont block any airflow holes, etc., You should be safe to use it on a variety of applications.

Here are just a few examples;

XBox 360, Playstation, Sky Digital Box, HiFi Seperates such as DAC's, Amplifiers, etc.

Acousti also make some other kits such as the AcoustiPack Lite, AcoustiPack Extra, and also in single sheets such as the Multi-layer 3 layered 7mm sheet, and the Multi-layer 2 layered 4mm sheet.
All kits and other Acousti products can be purchased online via, they also ship Worldwide. They also supplied us with the sample to test, so a big thank you to Glenn at QuietPC for giving us the opportunity to test out the product.
If you would like to read the full blurb regarding the AcoustiPack Ultimate it can be found here;

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