Monday, 20 June 2011

Arctic Cooling G-1 Thermal Compound/Glue

Arctic Cooling G-1 Thermal Compound/Glue
The Arctic Cooling G-1 Thermal Compound/Glue is a godsend for any serious PC modder, as it has many uses from sticker little RAM heatsinks to your memory sticks to keep them running cool, to cooling components on the motherboard, such as chipsets, MOSFETS, etc.

Its simple and easy to use, you just mix the 2x different sachets, 1x grey, 1x white together in the little plastic mixer which comes with the set, you then use the plastic wand which is also supplied to mix the sachets together, give them a good mix and then put it to use within the 15 minutes set time, and use it to stick the desired heatsink, ramsink to the component and in no time you have a good solid seal which is thermally passive so it lets the heat go straight through it to the conductor which then helps to dissapate the heat.

Its cheap, and if you ever want to remove it, its not a problem and its peels off nice and easy unlike many other thermal glues which goes rock hard and is very nasty to remove without damaging components, etc.

A very good buy and highly recommended especially for all the PC Modders out there today.


Thermal Conductivity (W/mk) 4.3

Temperature Range -45℃ to 200℃

Viscosity (poise) 320

Gravity 2.4 g/cm3 at 25℃

Dimensions (Packaging) 90 L x 30 W x 30 H mm

Net Weight (3 sets): 9 g
Item Number ORACO-TG00201-BL

UPC 0872767004153

Weight 0.5 kg

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